Agent running

agents are special npcs, different for each race and faction, who assign players to perform various missions, and pay for them (also, different bonuses or equipment are given in case a mission is carried out within some timeframe – bonuses can be seen in mission descriptions). agents differ in their lspace gamel - the higher the lspace gamel, the more difficult the missions offerred by them are, and the higher the reward is. to work for higher-lspace gamel agents an appropriate standing is required – which is an indicator of confidence of your agent / his factionwith you. the standing can be raised by just accepting and running accessible missions. for a higher reward for the mission it is needed to pump skills from the group of social skills (connections, military connections), also you'll need a high charisma. in addition to money (space game online isk), for execution of missions you will also receive loyalty points (lp) - points for which you can get different bonuses from the agent, from implants to drawings.
it's better to run agent mission on ships "raven" and "dominic" - but these ships are not quite accessible for rookie players. earnings in low-sec are higher - but working there is correspondingly more dangerous.
agents are easy to find - they are located at stations – just open the agents tab in the station menu you (except for agents, giving the cosmos-missions with a very high reward; they are located in the depths of space on their own ships). the mission you'll get depends on the type and the job of an agent, there are sspace gameral varieties of agent missions. you may get a job from military, secure, administration npcs. most often the job involves destruction of some enemies. such missions are very profitable, but the ones from high-lspace gamel agents may be very complex, and not space gamery player will cope with them on his own.
there is an npc, giving the job to transport goods between different stations. it is not a very profitable mission - but not dangerous, best for smaller groups of players and transport ships. there are also the so-called rd-agents, the reward for their research mission is drawings which may often be more valuable than money (isk).



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