Armor Layering
Armor Resistance Phasing
Capital Remote Armor Repair Systems
Capital Remote Hull Repair Systems
Capital Repair Systems
EM Armor Compensation
Explosive Armor Compensation
Hull Upgrades
Kinetic Armor Compensation
Remote Armor Repair Systems
Remote Hull Repair Systems
Repair Systems
Thermic Armor Compensation
NOTE!!! For safety reasons 14 skills out of 14 are shown!
Corporation Management
Corporation Management
Diplomatic RelationsHidden
Megacorp Management
NOTE!!! For safety reasons 3 skills out of 4 are shown!
Advanced Drone Avionics
Advanced Drone Interfacing
Amarr Drone Specialization
Caldari Drone Specialization
Drone Avionics
Drone Durability
Drone Interfacing
Drone Navigation
Drone Sharpshooting
Fighter Bombers
Gallente Drone Specialization
Heavy Drone Operation
Light Drone Operation
Medium Drone Operation
Mining Drone Operation
Minmatar Drone Specialization
Repair Drone Operation
Salvage Drone Operation
Sentry Drone Interfacing
NOTE!!! For safety reasons 21 skills out of 21 are shown!
Electronic Warfare
Frequency Modulation
Long Distance Jamming
Projected Electronic Counter Measures
Propulsion Jamming
Sensor Linking
Signal Dispersion
Signal Suppression
Signature Focusing
Tactical Logistics Reconfiguration
Target Breaker Amplification
Target Painting
Turret Destabilization
Weapon Disruption
NOTE!!! For safety reasons 15 skills out of 15 are shown!
Advanced Weapon Upgrades
Capacitor Emission Systems
Capacitor Management
Capacitor Systems Operation
Capital Capacitor Emission SystemsHidden
CPU Management
Electronics Upgrades
Energy Grid Upgrades
Energy Pulse Weapons
Nanite Interfacing
Nanite Operation
Power Grid Management
Weapon Upgrades
NOTE!!! For safety reasons 13 skills out of 14 are shown!
Capital Hybrid Turret
Capital Projectile Turret
Controlled Bursts
Doomsday OperationHidden
Large Artillery Specialization
Large Autocannon Specialization
Large Beam Laser Specialization
Large Blaster Specialization
Large Energy Turret
Large Hybrid Turret
Large Projectile Turret
Large Pulse Laser Specialization
Large Railgun Specialization
Medium Artillery Specialization
Medium Autocannon Specialization
Medium Beam Laser Specialization
Medium Blaster Specialization
Medium Energy Turret
Medium Hybrid Turret
Medium Projectile Turret
Medium Pulse Laser Specialization
Medium Railgun Specialization
Motion Prediction
Rapid Firing
Small Artillery Specialization
Small Autocannon Specialization
Small Beam Laser Specialization
Small Blaster Specialization
Small Energy Turret
Small Hybrid Turret
Small Projectile Turret
Small Pulse Laser Specialization
Small Railgun Specialization
Surgical Strike
Tactical Weapon Reconfiguration
Trajectory Analysis
NOTE!!! For safety reasons 37 skills out of 38 are shown!
Mass Production
Material Efficiency
NOTE!!! For safety reasons 3 skills out of 3 are shown!
Armored Warfare
Armored Warfare Specialist
Information Warfare
Information Warfare Specialist
Mining Director
Mining Foreman
Siege Warfare
Siege Warfare Specialist
Skirmish Warfare
Skirmish Warfare Specialist
Warfare Link Specialist
Wing Command
NOTE!!! For safety reasons 13 skills out of 13 are shown!
Armor Rigging
Astronautics Rigging
Drones Rigging
Electronic Superiority Rigging
Energy Weapon Rigging
Hybrid Weapon Rigging
Jury Rigging
Launcher Rigging
Projectile Weapon Rigging
Shield Rigging
NOTE!!! For safety reasons 10 skills out of 10 are shown!
Missile Launcher Operation
Auto-Targeting Missiles
Bomb Deployment
Cruise Missiles
Defender MissilesHidden
Guided Missile Precision
Heavy Assault MissilesHidden
Heavy Missile Specialization
Heavy Missiles
Light MissilesHidden
Missile Bombardment
Missile Launcher Operation
Missile Projection
Rapid Launch
Target Navigation Prediction
Warhead Upgrades
NOTE!!! For safety reasons 14 skills out of 17 are shown!
Acceleration Control
Cynosural Field Theory
Evasive Maneuvering
Fuel Conservation
High Speed Maneuvering
Jump Drive Calibration
Jump Drive Operation
Jump Fuel Conservation
Jump Portal GenerationHidden
Micro Jump Drive Operation
Warp Drive Operation
NOTE!!! For safety reasons 12 skills out of 13 are shown!
Neural Enhancement
Cloning Facility Operation
Infomorph Psychology
NOTE!!! For safety reasons 4 skills out of 4 are shown!
Planet Management
Command Center Upgrades
Interplanetary Consolidation
Remote Sensing
NOTE!!! For safety reasons 3 skills out of 4 are shown!
Resource Processing
Deep Core MiningHidden
Gas Cloud Harvesting
Hemorphite ProcessingHidden
Ice Harvesting
Jaspet ProcessingHidden
Kernite Processing
Mining Upgrades
Plagioclase Processing
Pyroxeres Processing
Refinery Efficiency
Scordite Processing
Veldspar Processing
NOTE!!! For safety reasons 13 skills out of 16 are shown!
Astrometric Acquisition
Astrometric Pinpointing
Astrometric Rangefinding
NOTE!!! For safety reasons 6 skills out of 7 are shown!
Graviton Physics
Laboratory Operation
Scientific NetworkingHidden
NOTE!!! For safety reasons 3 skills out of 6 are shown!
Capital Shield Emission Systems
Capital Shield Operation
EM Shield Compensation
Explosive Shield Compensation
Kinetic Shield Compensation
Shield Compensation
Shield Emission Systems
Shield Management
Shield Operation
Shield Upgrades
Tactical Shield Manipulation
Thermic Shield Compensation
NOTE!!! For safety reasons 12 skills out of 12 are shown!
Criminal ConnectionsHidden
Fast TalkHidden
Security Connections
NOTE!!! For safety reasons 4 skills out of 6 are shown!
Spaceship Command
Advanced Spaceship Command
Amarr Battlecruiser
Amarr Battleship
Amarr Carrier
Amarr Cruiser
Amarr Destroyer
Amarr Frigate
Amarr Industrial
Amarr Strategic Cruiser
Assault Frigates
Black Ops
Caldari Battlecruiser
Caldari Battleship
Caldari Cruiser
Caldari Destroyer
Caldari Frigate
Caldari Industrial
Caldari Strategic Cruiser
Capital Industrial Ships
Capital Ships
Command Ships
Covert Ops
Electronic Attack Ships
Gallente Battlecruiser
Gallente Battleship
Gallente Carrier
Gallente Cruiser
Gallente Destroyer
Gallente Dreadnought
Gallente Freighter
Gallente Frigate
Gallente Industrial
Gallente Strategic Cruiser
Heavy Assault Cruisers
Heavy Interdiction Cruisers
Industrial Command Ships
Jump Freighters
Mining Barge
Mining Frigate
Minmatar Battlecruiser
Minmatar Battleship
Minmatar Cruiser
Minmatar Destroyer
Minmatar Dreadnought
Minmatar Frigate
Minmatar Industrial
Minmatar Strategic Cruiser
ORE Industrial
Recon Ships
Spaceship Command
Transport Ships
NOTE!!! For safety reasons 56 skills out of 56 are shown!
Amarr Defensive Systems
Amarr Electronic Systems
Amarr Engineering Systems
Amarr Offensive Systems
Amarr Propulsion Systems
Caldari Defensive Systems
Caldari Electronic Systems
Caldari Engineering Systems
Caldari Offensive Systems
Caldari Propulsion Systems
Gallente Defensive Systems
Gallente Electronic Systems
Gallente Engineering Systems
Gallente Offensive Systems
Gallente Propulsion Systems
Minmatar Defensive Systems
Minmatar Electronic Systems
Minmatar Engineering Systems
Minmatar Offensive Systems
Minmatar Propulsion Systems
NOTE!!! For safety reasons 20 skills out of 20 are shown!
Advanced Target Management
Gravimetric Sensor Compensation
Ladar Sensor Compensation
Long Range Targeting
Magnetometric Sensor Compensation
Radar Sensor Compensation
Signature Analysis
Target Management
NOTE!!! For safety reasons 8 skills out of 8 are shown!
NOTE!!! For safety reasons 0 skills out of 3 are shown!



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A character is transferred to you within 24-48 hours since you place your order.

For security reasons we do not publish the characters' 0-1 lvl skills and personal info.



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