the concept of aggro in space game online

"aggro" (or “aggression”) is one of the most important concepts in the combat mechanics in space game online. there are 5 different types of aggro, in fact, it means the period of time during which the ship which has aggro, can not pass through the gate (or dock at the station). the duration of aggro is counted down to zero by a special timer, and the timer is activated after an attack on any object in the game. this may be an attack on a drone, coally, or a container in space.
in general, the mechanism for activating aggro works the following way - for example, you were attacked by someone. he shot at you, and now he has aggro. this means for the next 60 seconds, he will not disappear or escape from the battlefield. and if right after you there will pass a whole fleet through the same gate - the target will go nowhere. use of aggro allows greater use of pvp in the game, otherwise, some "targets" would be very difficult to catch.
aggro has a very important impact during fights. it can both hinder us, and provide invaluable assistance in the conduct of the battle. it all depends on your situation. if you need to leave the battlefield quickly - aggro will not let you do this. if an opponent wants to avoid a fight, then having aggro will deprive him of the ability to hide in the station or jump through the gate until 60 seconds have elapsed.
and if you do not just want to get out of the battle, but need to somehow split the rivals and  reduce their attacking power, you can wait until the enemy begins attacking first, opens fire, and thus gets aggro (or a part of the enemy fleet will get aggro), and then you can safely go through the gate - only that part of the opponents, which has no aggro, will be able to jump throught the gate;  and there, on the other side of the gate, there can already be a very different combat situation, in which the preponderance of forces may already be in our favor.
understanding of aggro, the ability to use it - is the key to victory in different combat situations.

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