vexor is a powerful combat ship with good armor, which can be efficiently used in various situations. vexor may be useful in combat, and is particularly well-suited for searching in hostile sectors, particularly on the territories of hostile alliances, as the ship can withstand a lot of damage remaining in service and without having to return to the base. also vexor can resist concentrated attacks of  weaker ships.
using vexor gives 5% bonus to the damage by medium hybrid turret for each lspace gamel, and 10% bonus to damage, hit points, and mining yield of its drones per lspace gamel.
vexor has 1485 hp. volume of its cargo holds is 480 m3 and the volume of the hangar, designed for drones, is 100 m3. the total mass of the ship is 11,250 tons. vexor's volume is 115,000 m3, if packed - 10,000 m3.
the armor of the ship has 1485 hp, and resists of 50-10-35-35. the shield has 1,173 hp (recharges in 1,250 sec.) and resists of 0-50-40-20. the capacitor has 1250 units, recharges in 446.25 seconds.
the ship's guidance system works at ranges up to 52 km. you can use it to simultaneously lock 5 targets. the resolution of the targeting system is 240 mm, the force of the magnetromechanical sensors is 14 units. the signature is 150 m.
the ship can travel at a speed of 170 m / sec (612 km per hour), and warp at 3 au / sec.
to pilot vexor requires such skills as gallente cruiser ii, gallente frigate iv, spaceship command i.
for fitting the ship, there are 5 high slots, 3 medium slots and 4 low slots, 675 mw pg, cpu of 270 teraflops, 4 mounting turrets, 3 modification slots.
there are such modifications of the ship, as the more secure vexor navy issue, ishtar and the guardian-vexor – the latter is unique, and there is only one instance of it at a famous collector.

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