Tips on attacking NPC convoys

the first thing to avoid is the fire of the concord industrial ships. for novice players this can be quite a problem – it's not written on the ship where it is from. the following approach would be ideal here – first, inspect all the stations in the system you've chosen, and by the motion vector of the convoys, see where they come from. the main thing is not to take a convoy coming from some station with another one formed at the current station. it is best to generally avoid the systems where there are concord stations. but if you are already acting in such a system, it would be better not to touch any industrials coming from a concard station, no matter which faction they belong to. sometimes concord industrial convoys have the prefix custom officials - do not touch them, either.
for hunting npc industrials almost any vehicle would be suitable- space gamen though the industrials open fire in response, the damage they make is very small. they can hunted for with a frigate, or a poorly armed cruiser. what you need to have on board is a micro warp drive and cargo scanner. you may not worry much about the protection of your ship - one frigate could easily break a convoy of 10 industrial ships, not being damaged seriously.
when attacking civilian convoys there will appear a dialog asking "yes / no" all the time, but over time this small inconvenience will stop being annoying. you can also take a cargo extender - to gather all the loot from the downed guards.
what else is very good about the npc factions is the artificial intelligence, and it will always be inferior to human's. when space gamen the least intelligent person would have understood that something is not going right with his/her convoys, npc factions will send more and more convoys on the same route. this way of earning, space gamen being  not the most fruitful one, is a trouble-free source of income, whereas in sectors with a little lower security status you can count on a more solid profit. in any space gament this method is worth a try, as long as you are not yet strong enough for other ways of earning.

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