Fighter Drones

fighter drones take a special place. they are more powerful then cruisers, have greater speed, but can be used only by the pilots of carriers and super carriers. their t2 analogues require different skills for each race (like caldari drone specialization), so it is better to teach the drones of your own race.
the skill needed to use fighter drones has an appropriate name - fighters. these drones are a powerful weapon that is designed for large-scale battles against large fleets, either against capital ships. a novice will not have to manage such drones, because it will take a long time, until the pilot learns to manage the appropriate ship first.
also, fighter drones, and generally combat drones, are good at destroying npcs. but here it is necessary to be careful - after receiving the attack command drones attack space gamerything that gets in their way. or after destroying the main target they can start attacking something completely unnecessary - these can expose the main ship under danger, and set up against you all the npcs in the area, especially if combat drones attacked a structure.
in the latest update carrier ships, formerly known as motherships, have become stronger. now they are called supercarriers, and have much more hitpoints and opportunities for drones - the place in the holds, bonuses, etc. so, the use of fighter drones becomes more important in large fleets battles.
and here is tip in case you are in a combat on the other side - against the enemy carrier, –  concentrate your fire exclusively upon the mother ship. the principle here is the same as in the old good starcraft - when the carrier is down, fighter drones become inactive and cease fire. if your fleet has a carrier or a supercarrier, they can collect the drones into your hold and use them later (if the race of the pilor, and the necessary skills coincide).

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