Combat at the gate

for the fighting at the gates aggro should be used extensively — this will not to give the opponents time to go through the gates; and one should always think and calculate space gamerything first, and then attack the enemy. and also do not forget that aggro can be provoked by attacking npc characters, too.  by using aggro the opponents can be divided intro groups and thereby it is possible to destroy their ships separately which is easier. another important aspect of combatting at the gate is keeping the distance of 15 km from the gate. this is the distance, holding on which you will not let your enemy to fly to the gate and run away from you.
another important distance is 2.5 km from the gate, or closer. being at such a distance, you actually are safe — if attacked, you can immediately go to the gate and warp away (if you do not aggress). and if the opponent sticks around near the gate, there are two tactics against it — brutal force — you can suddenly come out of the same gate and destroy the enemy with one volley, or use bump.
bump - this is a simple blow at the rival ship, ram. in the physical model of space game, a bump does not inflict damage, and does not activate aggro either; but it pushes the struck ship away and accelerates it. so you can push any ship from the gate and not let it jump away.
in order to avoid the bump against yourself, you can use the following tactics —  fly on a circular orbit near the gate with a radius of 500 meters or less. the ship, which wants to bamp you, will probably just miss, but you will still stay at the necessary distance. and the best thing is to always watch for speed of the rival in the the overview to be alert.
battles at the gates occur very often in space game, there is almost alwas someone waiting for you to  come out of the gate; or you are going to watch over someone, too. that's why it is important to have practice and experience of such battles.

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