stairway to heaven – an space game economy saga

nowadays, millions of people possess permanent whereabouts on space ships, space stations, and other space installations. right now, space-related industries or on such an incredible rise that planetary economies are barely keeping up with them. this space gamen led some partially independent colonies of the gallentean federation to tie their currency straight to the isk, regulated by the concord. the thing is that space has such a tremendous role in the economic area these days that most people can’t perceive that the same space was affordable to just the richest ones just a couple of centuries of the principle obstacles to the primary space commercialization has become one of the most forbidding barriers space exploration has faced to these days. to put it simply, it was the need for affordable and reliable fare transportation between planets, outer-space platforms, and between both of these. to make space travel affordable to planetary economies, governments had to find a way for an easy transportation of both finished and raw goods to planets and from them. right to that point, countless absolutely different approaches were tried by different national institutions and interest groups, varying from simple rocket use to bizarre ideas, like gigantic rail guns. almost all approaches were rejected at the end of the day for one single reason: none could match the volume needed to be of full interest to potential investors.


space gamentually, the issue nspace gamer came to a full resolution, so transportation today is still done the way the transporter wants. although the use of high-orbit shuttles remains the most popular way of both freight and passenger transportation, the difference of at atmospheric conditions at many planets requires custom building of these shuttles and results just in localized industries. nspace gamertheless, the space industry has passed round this issue by simply settling a secondary economy, where goods are produced from materials manufactured in space and are then sold to space-based clients. this resulted in a minimal interaction between space and planetary economies, comparing to the incredible scale of interstellar trading communication.



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