how to scam other players in space game

space game online is the only mmo which does not restrict scamming in the game. this means that if you get scammed in space game the player who fooled you won’t be punished for what he had done. well, if you’ve been scammed and you’re pretty upset - that’s not good news for you. but if you like scamming people that could be a good way to get some isks from the start by fooling those who aren’t that experienced. so no matter who you are it’s always a benefit if you know the ways to scam other players.


the most common scam is the contract scam. in big trading stations like jita you could see a huge amount of contracts for different items and there are a lot of contracts that sell different combinations of implant sets that seem to be cheaper than the same one on the market. but don’t be fooled by the low price. if you look through the list you will easily notice that some of the cheapest implants are doubled taking the place of the more costly ones. this way the scammers are trying to sell one cheap implant from the set for a much bigger price.


another scam is doubling and it has been a scam classic in most of the mmo’s. a player asks you to send him isks and promises to double it and send it back. while for the first one or two time this person will actually send you the doubled amount of isks one you will send him a significant sum he will then disappear and will ignore all of your messages.


the other scam type also uses contracts but in a different way. a contract will offer you a tier 2 ship for an astonishing price. but once you buy it you will find that it’s actually a tier 1 ship. how does it work? tier 1 and tier 2 ships have similar icons and those who are willing to buy a cheap ship asap and without carefully studying the contract and having a close look on the icons will not see the difference and will buy the cheap ship for a much bigger price.


there are more ways to fool people in space game online but the main point is quite simple. be attentive when buying something or spending isks in something you don’t see very often. take your time and nspace gamer hurry. most of the scammers will try to hurry you thus not letting you see obvious.


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