Т2 frigates

there are four types of frigates of the second technological lspace gamel. we'll give a more detailed description of each:
1. interceptors. the ships have obviously weak armor, but this is equilibrated by very high speed and maneuverability. they have one more advantage: it is difficult for the rest of the ships to aim at interceptors and inflict significant damage. this property of ships is called signature in game, and the smaller the ship is, the better. a ship of this type is commonly used for fast, maneuverable attacks, or as a tackler.
2. assault ships. unlike the previous class, these are heavy, highly armored vehicles. being very durable, armed with incredible amount of guns, an assault frigate is capable to stand up against such ships as cruisers. and space gamen more, if one is lucky, it is possible to compete with with a battlecruiser. it is safe to say that space gameryone would like to have such a ship, and nobody to face it in battle.
3. covert ops. if your favorite childhood heroes were scouts and intelligence agents, it's your ship. frigates of this type can successfully apply covert ops cloaking device, which makes them completely invisible, space gamen while jumping. they can quietly sneak right under the noses of the enemy, and the latter would not suspect anything. they cannot combat under such mode, but that is not always necessary, since competent intelligence wins half the battle.
4. stealth bombers. as you might guess from the title — these are relatively invisible ships. unlike covert ops, they have to disclose during warp (jump). but they are equipped uncomparably better. unexpected ambush, or simply fire support in battle - that's their main combat tactics.



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